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This project was in my head for about 5 years. Only now I took the initiative to start it.

The main idea is to keep a database with all possible readeable books from games, from all plataforms. Yeah, it's going to be a hell of a job. But i always wanted a place where I can read, search and explore books from the games.

Some will ask "but what about all the wikis that exists?". I know about them. But they are not "graphical". All of them are just a bunch of paragraphs in sequence. Here I'm going to try to bring the most possible game-like experience.

The final idea is to custumize each game with it's own book design, so when you are reading it, maybe you feel inside the game.

I'm fully open to ideas, sugestions and criticism. Just go to contact us and leave your message.

I hope you enjoy.

Good reading!


There are a total of 11 games and 1,403 books of active content.

You can find a list of all games clicking here. More games are comming, be patient! ;)


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