Alone in the Dark 2

Life and Times of the Freebooters

Tales of Piracy is a book found in the possession of a pirate gangster in the secret chamber beneath hell's kitchen, which stores Jack's bootleg.


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"My iron fist will lead you till it freezes in Hell!" Cheers rang out at this promise. Hanging by the foot from a spar, the one-armed man begged for mercy. One Eyed Jack looked at him with his good eye and said, "may the sun cure your flesh and tan your stinking hide, you poxy cur!"

Black Hat stood ready. The shark's fin glided close by. "No, not that..." yelped the one-armed sea-dog. Black Hat threw his hat and it cut the rope. The one-armed man did not swim long.

"Hurray for the cap'n!" roared the shipmates. "Caramba, that seems a little harsh" muttered Luis. The new cook, T. Bone, glared...

"Maybe you want a swim too, eh?" he growled. "No senor, i beg of you... I say nothing". "Then shut your gob and do as you're told! Three knocks if you want to enter the cap'n's cabin... And forget
One-Arm. His cooking was only fit for swine!"


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Alone in the Dark 2

It is Christmas of 1924, three months after Alone in the Dark. "Supernatural Private Eye" Edward Carnby and his partner Ted Stryker are investigating the kidnapping of young Grace Saunders. The trail of clues leads to an old mansion named "Hell's Kitchen" - the home of an infamous gangster boss and his gang. Edward decides to pick up the trail when he learns of Ted's disappearance in the mansion. Unfortunately, Edward soon finds out that Ted has been murdered.

Carnby eventually finds out that the mobsters are the corporeal forms of the spirits of pirates that plundered the sea hundreds of years ago, the lot having sold their souls in exchange for eternal life through voodoo magic. Fighting his way into the house and ultimately onto a pirate ship hidden in the cliff on which Jack's house is built, Edward must survive, discover the secret of the pirates' apparent immortality, rescue little Grace, and find out why the pirates are so interested in her.

Launch Year: 1993
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