Ultima VII Part II: Serpent Isle

Love Sonnets

by Beatrix

To the only begetter of these sonnets
To the well-wishing adventurer in setting forth...

Shamino, valiant adventurer, Homo malicious
Adored from mine earliest hour,
Magnanimously, thy presence on all dost shower
Infinite love! By life thou dost devour,
Non-fading and delicious, Our charming love, sweetest power.

My heart is a chest Of bitterness
Since we are apart
A harness of teardrops
I fear lest I should fall from some height
On my shoulder
The weight
In mine heart
The pain
Why wait?
Why explain?
Shamino Dost thou not Know How to care?

Since the War of Mondain
One memory I keep
When beyond these Realms
Thinking of us I weep
Is there one more
Chance to meet under the elms?

Never this warrior's destiny
allowed His love to gain
Though restless, roving on adventure proud
He traversed oft the land
And oft the main
But love is like grain
It needs a tender hand
To grow, flourish and mature
The Wrath of Mondain
Destroyed our bond
Thy past thou shalt nurture
For greater future
In the worlds beyond

Sunset Over the Main Gate
Going thy way I stare at thee
Breathing in thy scent
I start the ascend
Hastily Blasting thee with a spectral
spell I shimmer Away.

Beneath the yew
Thoughts of thee
Keep me warm and jolly
Raindrops like dew
On a lily's petal
Gently brushing my skin
Cleansing for the soul
What a delight
Never too soon
Watching my reflection
In the river
As doth the Harvest Moon
Night after night
In this season.

Shamino, shadows of thee appear
Before mine eyes all the year
I see the main road clear
Winding down to thy Castle
Where the winds whistle
There, at night I delight
At the magic sight
Of spectral spells like thunder
On thy neck, warrior
Thou shalt not Abandon me.


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Ultima VII Part II: Serpent Isle

Back in Ultima I: The First Age of Darkness, one section of the game world was known as "The Lands of Danger and Despair". Shamino, a recurring character in the Ultima series, was a ruling lord here. The Lands of Danger and Despair vanished after the conclusion of Ultima I and became Serpent Isle, separated from Sosaria, as the world of Britannia was called before Ultima IV.

The original inhabitants of Serpent Isle, the Ophidians, had a culture where serpents played a central role. They eventually became polarized as the forces of Order and Chaos, respectively, and fought a great war that destroyed their culture and left their cities and temples in ruins. Order "won" the war, destroying the Chaos Serpent, but thereby upsetting the natural balance to the point where the entire universe is unraveling. (It turns out that the "Great Earth Serpent" that guarded Exodus's fortress in Ultima III was actually the Balance Serpent that Exodus had ripped from the void, triggering the war between Chaos and Order in the first place.)

Much later, Serpent Isle was re-settled by humans who had left Sosaria voluntarily, or who had been exiled. An alternate name for Serpent Isle is "New Sosaria", a reference to the original homeland of these settlers. Many of them referred to Lord British as "Beast British", and had a very low opinion of him. After he united the lands, and with the establishment of the eight virtues, those unhappy with his rule fled to Serpent Isle. Unlike Britannia, which has eight cities representing the eight virtues of the Avatar, Serpent Isle has three city-states, each with their own beliefs, which are warped versions of the Britannian principles of Truth, Love and Courage.

Launch Year: 1993
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