Ultima VIII: Pagan

Moriens: Necromancer, Prophet, Hero

Let none doubt that no greater hero did ever walk the lands of Pagan than the Immortal Moriens. Moriens did earn the title of Immortal as he still walks at the right hand of the Mountain King. Dead in body but not in spirit, Moriens legacy of greatness and heroism will live on into eternity. Many young children who have not yet learned of Moriens true wonderment do often look with innocent, upturned eyes and ask with voices filled with awe of the great man of which they've heard their playmates speak. Then do the parents sit down with their children and tell them the story of the greatest of all magic users: The first Necromancer.

Moriens greatness became obvious when he was still but a young boy. At the age of seven he slew a Troll that did threaten his father. Although the troll was terrible and large, and armed with a deadly club, Moriens stood unafraid. The blessed child Moriens stood, with a sharp stone in hand and hurled the stone with a very great force. The stone struck the troll in the eye and landed with such force that the troll did fall dead, and Moriens father was saved.

The great feats of Moriens did not end with his victory over the troll. When Moriens was just begining to grow into manhood, a strange man did come into his village. This stranger did speak well and claim to be a prophet. Many people did come to hear this man speak for he did offer salvation to those who would follow him. But Moriens, in his great wisdom did see the man for a charleton and rebuked him. When the others heard Moriens, they too saw that the man was a false prophet and did stone him to death. Such was the greatness of Moriens.

But the greatest story of Moriens' greatness is the the story of the pact which Moriens made with the Mountain King. Great is the power of the Earth Titan and terribly did He shake the ground. For, unbeknownst to mortal men, the Mountain King did have a great hunger for human flesh. Therefore, Lithos would tear open the land and in would spill his victims. Moriens knew of Lithos' longing, for Moriens was wiser than any other. Without fear, Moriens did tread beneath the ground, to find the Mountain King.

In the City of the Dead, Moriens did confront the great and mighty Mountain King. Lithos shook the ground yet still was Moriens unafraid. When Lithos asked why Moriens should come before a Titan, Moriens told Lithos that he knew of the Titan's hunger. Therefore did Moriens offer a bargain with the Mountain King. Should Lithos spare the people above the ground and let them live to old age, Moriens himself would insure that upon death, all of the remains would be offered unto Lithos. If this bargain should be kept, promised Moriens, the almighty Titan would have his fill and the people above the ground could then live unafraid.

Lithos, being most impressed with this fearless mortal which stood before him, did agree that such a bargain would be a good thing. Then did Moriens promise that he personally would inter all of the dead, giving over their bodies to Lithos. So impressed by Moriens courage and self sacrifice was Lithos that He did give His Necromancer His greatest prize, The Heart of the Earth. This treasure, which is the largest diamond shaped object in the world, is made of a pure and lovely black rock. So rare is this black rock that there are only five pieces of it in the entire world. And so proud was Moriens of his treasure that he did vow to never give it up, but to carry the Heart of Earth into the City of the Dead and hold it for Eternity.

Countless are the stories of Moriens greatness and power, truly too many for this tome to contain. But to tell any more of Moriens glory would be immodest and unworthy of such a noble man. This then ends this incomplete life story of Moriens: Necromancer, Prophet, Hero. So written by my hand in the Great Tomb, completed at the time of Bloodwatch, Moriens, Necromancer.


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Ultima VIII: Pagan

Following the defeat of the charismatic religious leader Batlin on Serpent Isle, the Guardian banishes the Avatar to a world that he has already conquered: Pagan. Ultima VIII has a much darker tone and a very different premise, in comparison to most of the Ultima games. The world of Pagan is entirely different from that of Britannia: the Virtues are not part of Pagan's culture, and the magic systems and monsters are entirely different.

The world of Pagan is in eternal twilight as the result of an ancient battle between the Elemental Titans and the evil "Destroyer", which resulted in the victory of the Titans. However, the people of Pagan had to pay a high price: the Titans had to henceforth be worshiped as gods. The Titans bestow powers on their most ardent followers, but they are otherwise cruel and unloving rulers, and their followers terrorize the general population.

Launch Year: 1994
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